Volunteer in Edgewater

Center Volunteers Needed

We need a radiologist or an OB/GYN to read about 10-20 limited OB ultrasound scans per month!

We need females, males, & bilinguals for:

  • Boutique Assistant – 17 years old & up. Assists clients in the Boutique (where they get free maternity & baby clothing & items). Receives donations & keeps Boutique stocked. About 10 hours of training is required.
  • Client (lay) Advocate – 21 years old & up. Speaks privately with clients about their situations, feelings & needs. Educates on options, God’s plan of salvation & living, offers resources & referrals, & prays with clients. About 25 hours of training is required.
  • Babysitters -16 years old & up. Watch & care for children of all ages during a 4-hour shift. Some experience needed.
  • Project Helpers-16 or older willing to clean, stuff, envelopes, word processing, etc.
  • Center cleaning help is needed- work out a time when you are available.

To find out more, attend our Volunteer Introduction!

For info or to sign up for the Introduction to Center volunteering, please contact us at edgewaterdirector@gracehouseprc.org or 386-957-4811 to set a time to meet & find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

At this meeting you will get:

  • More info & a tour of the center
  • Info about volunteer positions
  • Info on what’s involved in volunteering
  • Info about training available
  • A chance to ask questions & learn how to get started!

Coming to the Introduction Class doesn’t obligate you to volunteer nor does it guarantee a volunteer position will be offered to you.

Outside-the-center Volunteers needed:

  • Abortion Recovery Outreach/Facilitator- Post-abortive or not, males/females. Reaches out to the community and/or facilitates healing 11-week Bible study for post-abortive once or more per year. About 15 hours of training is required.
  • Events Planning – help to plan fundraising events to keep centers OPEN!
  • Abstinence Leader/Educators – Leads program and/or presents abstinence to youth/groups in the community.

For more information on outside  volunteer opportunities, contact us at mail@gracehouseprc.org or 386-943-4004.