Baby Bottle Fundraisers

Each year, we are so blessed to have churches and other ministries support Coastal Choices powered by Grace House by having a Baby Bottle Boomerang Fundraiser.

Your church or group can do a Baby Bottle Boomerang anytime to help the moms, dads, & babies!  Simply give out our baby bottles & then collect them on your desired date!

Great times to do this are:

  • During Sanctity of Life Month (January)
  • Valentines Day
  • During Easter Season
  • During VBS
  • During missions emphasis
  • Between Mother’s Day & Father’s Day
  • After Thanksgiving & before Christmas

Any time is a great time for a Baby Bottle Fundraiser!  Your event may last as long as you choose. We recommend about a month.


  • Get permission from your pastor/ leader & decide which tools you’ll use
  • Ask children, youth, classes to take part.
  • Choose kick-off date & collection date 2-4 weeks (1 month is best)
  • Pick up the customized BBF Kit from the center near you
  • Prepare your fliers/posters with collection date
  • Place posters in good places
  • Ask pastor/leader to promote the BBF by announcing in service, sending an email to all church members, and adding flyer in bulletin.
  • Ask the Grace House Mission speaker to share at kick-off -OR- you or your leader share about our mission. Contact
  • Put prepared fliers in bulletins or lay out for pick up
  • Have a looping screen shot on church screen
  • Set up display table near exit with bottles where people pass by. Pass out bottles in an active way.
  • Show DVD and/or
  • Make announcement during service and/or meeting & share how they can participate:
  • Take a Baby Bottle
  • Fill it with Change, Cash or Check
  • Fill out the tag to receive a tax receipt letter & list your church/group’s name
  • Return Bottle on collection day
  • Pastor’s show of support is key!
  • Weekly reminders on the screens
  • Bulletin announcements
  • Encouragement from pastor/leader
  • Collect bottles brought in & store in a secure place or bring filled bottles to Grace House each week.
  • Put reminder in bulletin with collection date on it.
  • Give collection day reminder to bring bottles next week. Tell them where to put the filled bottles.
  • Collect bottles and thank those who are turning them in. Make sure that they have filled out tag so they get a tax receipt/letter. It’s great if church/group name is on the tags for recording. Have someone stand near bottles collected until they are secured.
  • Give reminders for bottles (filled or empty) to be turned in for those who’ve forgotten. After this, either ask people to bring bottles directly to us, or let them continue to come in, secure them, & bring them to us as you’re able to. If you need help, ask us to pick them up!
  • No need to count or roll the money in the bottles. We have volunteers to record it all & a machine at our bank that counts it all for free! We send each person a receipt/letter. We also send the church/group a total of the amount collected.

We also have posters, bulletin inserts/fliers, signage, etc. for your church or group to use.


Here is a promotional video you can show to kick off your fundraiser at your church.

Click here for the video link.  

You can also check out other videos to use on our YouTube channel.