Visions for the future

Our visions & plans awaiting God’s provision:

  • Pay off our New Smyrna Beach Building
  • More engagement with area campuses to assist in educating students on sexual integrity
  • Improve Church Ambassador (Liaison) Program
  • Continue to improve marketing as technology advances
  • Update our website, logo & look

Painting a picture….

We want to have many more chances to reach people like Allison. She came with abortion on her mind, in circumstances she saw as hopeless. She received a pregnancy test which she saw was positive, was educated on her baby’s development & was offered an ultrasound. She heard that God knew her situation & was knitting her baby together even now & that He had a wonderful plan for her child’s life & also for hers. She left still leaning toward abortion.

God had us praying for her.

She came for her ultrasound appointment & saw her 19 week-old baby on the screen.

Dylan -19 wks
Dylan -19 wks

She left still leaning toward abortion, not knowing HOW she could do this!

We continued praying for her. God was at work.

No so very long afterwards, she came in & told us that as she’d waited on having the abortion & things had begun to fall into place. She could now see a hope & a future for her with her baby.

Several months later I got a call from her. “Can you come to see my baby boy, born last night?”  She handed me a beautiful bundle & I looked at him in wonder at God’s handiwork & told her just ho beautiful he was.Dylan

Through tears she told me how grateful she was that Grace House was there for her when she had no hope. She said if it had not been for us, she’d never have had her precious Dylan.



Please partner with us to help more moms, dads, & babies today!