Volunteer – New Smyrna Beach

Volunteers Needed

Medical volunteers needed:

  • OB or OBGYN as our off-site Medical Director (about 5 hours per month)
  • Radiologist or OB/GYN off-site to read about 30 limited OB ultrasound scans per month using a simple online log-in! (about 2 hours per month)
  • Nurse Manager on-site (bout 10 hours per month)

In the center – females, males, & bilinguals are needed to serve our clients:

  • Boutique Assistant – 17 years old & up. Assists clients in the Boutique (where they get free maternity & baby clothing & items). Receives donations & keeps Boutique stocked. About 10 hours of training is required.
  • Client (lay) Advocate – 21 years old & up. Speaks privately with clients about their situations, feelings & needs. Educates on options, God’s plan of salvation & living, offers resources & referrals, & prays with clients. About 25 hours of training is required.

To find out more, attend our Center Volunteer Introduction!

For info or to sign up for the Introduction to Center volunteering, please contact us at or 386-957-4811 to set a time to meet & find out what volunteer opportunities are available.

At this meeting you will get:

  • More info & a tour of the center
  • Info about volunteer positions
  • Info on what’s involved in volunteering
  • Info about training available
  • A chance to ask questions & learn how to get started!

Coming to the Introduction Class doesn’t obligate you to volunteer nor does it guarantee a volunteer position will be offered to you.

Other help needed:

  • Babysitters -16 years old & up. Watch & care for children of all ages during a 4-hour shift. Some experience needed.
  • Groups to do Mission Projects- Youth & adults willing to clean & do office projects.
  • Center cleaning help is needed- work out a time when you are available.
  • Men 17 & up who are handy are needed to do maintenance & landscaping projects.
  • Yard sale shop for our boutique
For other outside-the-center opportunities, click HERE