We have many volunteer opportunities!

They all work together to wonderfully impact new parents & their babies.

One will fit into your schedule.


Volunteering in the Center

You can work with our clients, educating them, mentoring them, making a positive & powerful impact in their lives!  This involves completing our application, allowing us to do a background check,  having training, &  volunteering in one of our center positions during one of our shifts. Choose which city you would like to volunteer in below to find out more! Hover over a Volunteer tab (above) to for the center nearest to you!

Other Volunteering

Volunteer HandsIf you can’t volunteer in the center, there are other ways to help!

Here are a few:

  • Be an Ambassador (liaison) for your church or group. Read more HERE.
  • Abortion Recovery Outreach/Facilitator- Post-abortive or not, males/females. Reaches out to the community and/or facilitates healing 11-week Bible study for post-abortive once or more per year. About 15 hours of training is required.
  • Fundraiser event planning – help to plan fundraising events to keep centers OPEN!
  • Abstinence Leader/Educators – Lead program and/or present abstinence to youth/groups in the community.
  • Join our Prayer Shield (prayer team)
  • Do office work (DeLand Corporate Office)
  • Donate your technical/professional services
  • Help with cleaning, yard work, projects, or repairs.

Maybe you have another idea?

For more information on outside  volunteer opportunities, contact the Executive Director at or 386-943-4004.

Again, hover over the Volunteer tab (above) & choose the center nearest to you to see see  more about volunteering in one of our centers!